Remove Sludge From Your Heating System

Do you think your system could benefit from being flushed?

Do any of the below problems sound familiar?

  • Radiators overall performing badly and not heating the room
  • Cold spots in the radiator
  • Radiators cold at the bottom but don’t need bleeding
  • No circulation within the radiator
  • Blocked pipework and valves
  • Loud noises from the boiler
  • Pumps working at maximum to maintain circulation
  • Boiler cutting out and over heating
If a flush isn’t carried out as and when it needs to be, the water in your heating system will eventually be contaminated with rust and other unwanted elements. Over time, the rust, debris, and dirt will turn into ‘sludge’ and eventually work its way to your boiler – preventing your system from functioning as well as it should and over time likely resulting in problems
It’s all within the detail
  • A clean system ensures optimum heat output
  • Flushing can be completed in as little as 2 hours
  • Provides effective, ongoing protection for the system
  • Improves the central heating’s performance and efficiency
  • Extends the life of the system and the boiler
  • Continually removes virtually all magnatite, when a filter has been installed

Best Practice When Completing A Central Heating Flush

We’ve a six-step easy overview approach formulated to tackle corrosion within a central heating system and to help defend future corrosion within the systems and to protect the boiler. This process applies to most types of flushing from a Hot Chemical Flush, Magna Cleanse to our more intrusive flushes using the Kamco Power Flushing machine.


  1. Insert the appropriate chemical cleaner to breakdown debris / magnatite
  2. Pressurise / pump the heating through the full heating circuit and call for heat for a period greater than 1 hour and up to 7 days (depending on build up)
  3. Isolate all but the furthest radiator from the boiler and use the agitator to gain a consistent heat spread throughout, working back to the boiler radiator at a time
  4. Flush system and chemicals with fresh clean water, radiator at a time
  5. Check system has the correctly sized filter installed, cleaned & working correctly
  6. Fill, balance and insert inhibitor (protection chemicals) to the system

Dosage and use of chemicals

500ml (one bottle) of MC5 will provide effective treatment for a typical 100 litre/ten radiator system. For larger systems this volume will increase accordingly. Depending on the system type and how badly the heating system is performing will affect the amount of chemicals we dose the system with as well as the length of time we leave them active within the central heating circuit.
Once at your property our heating engineer will be able to assess the correct length of time for the chemicals to be left in your system. In general a recommendation can range from a minimum of one hour up to 7 days for very poor performing systems. This on rare occasions requires us to leave our Rapid Flush filter/ machine in situ, usually underneath the boiler.
The use of MC5 chemicals improves the cleaning process and enhances the performance of the overall system and pipework. After flushing or refilling any wet central heating system it is highly recommended to add a chemical protector for long-term lasting results as it reduces the naturally occurring process of when freshly added ‘oxygenated water’ meets the iron elements of the system, the inhibitor (protector) acts as a coating to reduce corrosion.
When completing a Magna Cleanse our engineers combine using the RapidFlush filter and VibraClean agitator, MagnaCleanse® system to flush and remove old debris from your system. By using a precision agitator we can remove more sludge in 20 seconds than can be extracted in 30 minutes manually. A MagnaCleanse flush is ideal as it even works to remove hardened settled debris, reducing the need to remove radiators to complete the clean.
The biggest threat to your heating system is the sludge that builds up over time through the pipe work, radiators and boiler it’s self. This is caused by oxygen mixing with the water in your system to create rust partials which over time causes the water to discolour and can create cold spots due blockages in the pipe work. In some severe cases this ‘sludge’ can solidify making it impossible for water to pass freely around your heating system.
Flushing can save even some of the oldest heating systems, bringing them back to life. We offer a range of products and services that directly combat heat loss and offer additional protection to your system for years to come by reducing corrosion with the use of chemicals.
From fitting Magnetic Filters to performing full Power Flushes we are confident that we will increase the efficiency and lifespan of your system.
We are sure you will be surprised at the amount of sludge lurking in there.


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MagnaCleanse, Magna Cleansing, Magna Flushing, Magnetic Flushing Isn't The Only Flush In Town.

There’s a long list of different methods and types of flushes available on the market. We offer a wide range of them. And although not all plumbers will agree on the best method of flushing, we should all agree in the end result regardless of what technique or machine is used.
So if you’ve not seen the type you feel is best for you, or maybe another plumber has recommended an alternative then please pick up the phone and call us on 01253 421311. We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront – so if we can’t do it (which is very rare) – we’ll be sure you point you in the right direction.


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