Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Heating Controls

With Geolocation, your smart thermostat knows if you’ve gone out and left the heating on. It can then send you a reminder to turn it off, it can also turn the heating on when you are on the way home and with a set distance from your home.

When the temperature drops below 7°C inside your home, the thermostat will turns on your central heating to help stop your pipes from freezing.

For even more control of your heating, you can pair smart radiator valves with the heating system to give you control of each room individually and all from your smartphone. Smart controls work with most heating systems and your existing energy efficient boiler suppliers, so no need to worry about changing. By using smart controls in your home for controlling the heating you could save up to £120 a year.

Other Features

Once you have a Smart Hub it isn’t just the heating you can control there are a number of other products and features that can be added.

Smart Home Security & Additional Features

There are a wide range of other products and features that can be added to your smart home system once you have a Smart Hub. This can range from lighting that is turned on by your voice, window and door sensors that notify you to your phone if they are opened and even smart cameras that you can activate and watch from your phone.
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