Combination (Combi Boiler)

A combi / combination boiler is a single, compact unit that’s designed to provide both central heating and hot-water. Ideal for saving space, this boiler is designed to heat water immediately, rather than heating and storing. There is no need for a bulky hot water storage cylinder or cold-water storage tank, as usually found with Heat Only systems and System Boilers

Advantages of a Combi Boiler

  • Space Saving-– A Combi Boiler can be fitted into a standard-sized kitchen cupboard
  • No Extra Water– No large water storage cylinders or tanks meaning less risk of water damage in your home
  • No Frozen Pipes -As there are fewer pieces to the boiler, you have a much lower risk of your pipes freezing and being left without hot water
  • Save Time and Money – A combi boiler system is typically quicker and easier to install than standard boilers.

Possible Disadvantages of a Combi System

  • Possible Pressure Drop – If you have a very large, busy household with multiple bathrooms, you could lose water pressure
  • One Unit – All of the heating takes place within one central unit, meaning when the hot water is turned on, the central heating will be paused
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System Boiler

With a System boiler, the majority of the components required for generating heating and hot water are built into the boiler. The only external part required is a cylinder that stores hot water. Water is supplied directly from the mains.

A System boiler eliminate the need for a tank in the loft, that would otherwise be needed with a Regular Heat Only boiler.

Advantages of a System Boiler

  • Great for high hot water demand – A system boiler uses a large tank of stored water meaning you can use multiple hot water sources simultaneously without a reduction in pressure. This makes it ideal for busy family homes and homes with more than one bathroom
  • Stronger Water Pressure – As the water supply is delivered directly from the mains, the water coming out of your taps will be at a higher pressure than Regular Heat Only boilers, which rely on gravity to send water down the pipes.
  • No need for a cold water feed tank – Save space in your loft as System boilers don’t require a cold water tank as they can be used with pressurised cylinders.

Disadvantages of System Boiler

  • Takes up room – System boilers don’t need a cold water tank they still take up more room than a combi boiler. This is because they require a hot water cylinder
  • Hot water is not unlimited – The amount of hot water you have is limited to the size of cylinder you have installed. When this runs out you will have to wait for the cylinder to recover and heat the new incoming water.
  • Heat Loss – A hot water tank can lose heat, causing it to be inefficient especially if the tank is not insulated correctly.
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Advantages Of A Heat Only Boiler

  • Maintain Pressure – They still work well even if your mains pressure is low and you will still be able to get hot water even if someone is running the shower and the kitchen taps at the same time
  • Simple Design – They’re easy to maintain as they have a simple design

Heat Only / Regular / Conventional

Conventional or Heat Only boilers tend to be found in older properties but they can still be a great boiler choice for modern homes that have a high demand for hot water or a large number of bathrooms. As these systems require a hot water cylinder and cold water tank they may not be suitable for smaller properties. It’s important to keep in mind that with a conventional boiler you will not be able to get instant hot water. Instead you will need to program your thermostat to heat the water in advance ready for use later on.

Disadvantages Of A Heat Only Boiler

  • Take up space – Cold water storage tanks are generally situated in the loft. They can be used to supply the hot and cold water taps on the bath. They can also act as a Feed and Expansion tank (F+E) for the heating syste
  • Not as efficient – Conventional boilers aren’t as efficient as combi boilers – there will be heat loss as hot water is stored, usually in a copper cylinder
  • All gone – Your hot water can completely run out and will take time to reheat
No Deposit Boiler
Boilers are now also available at O% finance schemes and then users can them as per their choice monthly to match their expense. Energi House can help you get the right deal to ease your burden and get the benefits of this modern boiler on their premises. Specials plans with deferred payments schedule are also available with up to 10 years. Boilers can be quite costly in general and these finance schemes offer an easy way to start using them in residential premises instantly. Even, upgrading boiler from the conventional to combi type can cost you in between £1500 to £3000.

With EMI scheme you can easily pay the amount every month with less burden on expenses while still enjoying the benefits from boilers. You can also pay the amount in the next three months without any interest. Our instant quote tool can help you with complete charges for your boiler installation, upgrade or maintenance. You can connect with Energi House representatives to know more options in the locality to begin the installation for your No deposit Boiler.

Importance of A-Rated Boiler

Boilers are rated for their efficiency in terms of performance and ability to utilize the fuel precisely in the system. Thus allowing more heat per unit of energy consumed and hence you will get the optimum results. A-rated boilers also optimize your annual billings up to 50% thus generating recommended ROI. Boilers are rated from A to G in terms of their efficiency.

A – 90% and above
B – 86% – 90%
C – 82% – 86%
D – 78% – 82%
E – 74% – 78%
F – 70% – 74%
G – Below 70%

Most of the modern boilers come with A rating today. Being eco-friendly they are now recommended across Uk and helps reduce energy use too. These a-rated are boilers are highly efficient, saves a lot of energy and lowers overall in annual billings too. Schedule a visit with Energi House expert to get suggested for the right type of boilers to match your requirements perfectly.

Boilers are an important part of our daily life in the UK with cold-weather prevailing for more than 9 months. In case you are having issues with your old boilers or looking to upgrade the boiler, then it is the right time to invest in modern boilers. It is recommended to call only the certified Gas Safe engineers for working with your boilers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of boilers are there?

There are several types of boilers available in the market with different pros and cons. Combi boilers, System boilers, and Regular/Heat/Conventional boilers can be bought depending on the requirements in the homes.

How Does a Combi Boiler Work?

Combi or Combination Boilers have a single mechanism in offering hot water and radiators or heating solutions. Being connected with your mains directly there is no additional need of an extra tank. Turning hot water tap will fetch the hot water instantly without any delays.

Is an A-rated boiler suitable for my home?

Models are rated based on their performance from A to G with A among the highest efficiency in terms of performance. Residential homes must use A-rated boilers to leverage more benefits while saving you on annual billings too.

What are the benefits of combi boilers?

Modern Combi boilers are beneficial in every aspect. Main advantages include improved efficiency, compact size, an instant supply of hot water and heating, saves time, and reduces billings among others. You also don’t need extra water tank and minimizes the chances for freezing of pipes in homes.
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