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Fantastic! You have made the decision to upgrade your old gas boiler to a new energy efficient boiler. Not only will you now see a decrease in your monthly gas bills you will have full peace of mind that the new gas boiler has been fitted by one of our own gas safe registered engineers.

The next step is to obtain a boiler installation quote, our quote tool will provide you with a fixed price quote in under 30 seconds. All boiler installation quotes are personal and unique to you, once you have received your quote we are more than happy to talk you through it and answer any queries you may have. You will be given multiple options to suit your budget, we offer a range of finance options available to you including 12 months interest free.

Energi House is both a Worcester Accredited installer and an Ideal Max Accredited installer, we fit quality products manufactured by credible brands each boasting Which Best Buy awards.

Our aim is to make every step of your boiler installation journey as simple and stress free as possible, from your initial enquiry to the final handover and aftercare we are here for you. We have a team of experienced gas engineers with a wealth of knowledge gained over years in the industry on hand to discuss everything from a straight combi boiler swap to a full system boiler conversion. Want your new gas boiler in a new location? We can do this too! Call us on 01253421311 to speak with the team today!

Energy Efficient Boiler

Modern boilers are undoubtedly more efficient than traditional or conventional boilers. These Combi boilers maximize the use of fuel to deliver optimum performance by up to 90%. They are also compact and can easily fit inside kitchen cabinets or garage. Though they are more costly you can choose No deposit boiler schemes to finance them and pay EMI monthly to stay warm and comfortable inside your homes.

These modern combi boilers can save up to 55% annual energy bills. Due to the presence of a fairly large heat exchanger system that helps in recovering all the heat rather than losing through the flue. So less fuel is utilized with maximum performance to provide the same level of energy, thus making these modern boilers more effective in every aspect from the traditional boilers.

A quick check from a certified engineer will give you comprehensive details on the effectiveness of this modern boiler. They will certify the boilers based on their performance rating. Ratings are also imprinted on boilers from A to G with A being the highest and G lowest respectively.

Boiler Installation

Installing a new gas boiler or upgrading old boiler depends on various factor from the premises. Gas engineers can assist you with the right option for location, boiler type and complete requirements. Several factors such as the position of the last boiler, home type, number of bathrooms, number of hot taps, the position of the flue, power flush and wiring requirements can affect the complete cost. We make sure to advise on effective measure to make it more affordable and

At EnergiHouse we have the best gas safe engineers for all you heating and plumbing solutions. All our services come at affordable prices with long term effective solutions to keep 100% customer satisfaction for every work we perform.

How does Boiler Instant Tool advise customers with right pricing?

Energi House brings a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to serve with all your heating and plumbing issues. Our boiler Instant tool is based on elements to helps us determine the quote for your premises.
Starting with Home Type
• Semi, detached, Terraced, Flat and Bungalow

How many bedrooms you have?
• One, two, three, four, five+.

How many Bathrooms do you have?
• One Two Three Four+

Do you have a Hot water Cylinder?
• Yes or No

Position of the Flue
Flues are the tubes that allow the passage of gases from the boiler mechanism to the outside
• Roof, Wall, Not-sure

Do you want a Power Flush?
• Yes or No

These facts tell us precisely about your need and help you to plan for the timely upgrade or maintain boiler with optimum performance. You can connect with Energi House representatives to schedule a visit for your all boiler suggestion and recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does boiler installation cost?

The average installation cost of a new boiler lies in between £500-1,500. Factors such as the same type of boiler on last location or a new type of boiler at a different location can deviate price range.

How much does it cost to install a new gas boiler?

A standard Gas boiler starts generally in the range of £2000 and can reach up to £7500 that includes wiring, removing old units and replacing any faults. Different type of boilers, size and custom requirements can determine the final cost of the boiler.

How long does it take to install a new gas boiler?

Generally, it takes around 1 to 3 days to install a new gas boiler. Replacing or upgrading the boiler to the same location can be done within a day otherwise with complete piping and mechanism it is common to take up to 3 days to accomplish the task.

What things to consider before buying a new boiler?

Professional Gas safe engineer will consider a lot of options before suggesting a new boiler for your premises. That includes

  • Home requirements – Number of bathrooms, hot taps etc
  • Type of Boiler – to suit your residential or commercial purpose
  • Location of the Boiler – wall or floor mounted
  • Thermostatic Controls
  • Power Flushing
  • Mains water pressure

How much a new gas boiler save me?

Modern ‘A’ rated boilers are highly efficient and can save up to 55% in annual savings. They are eco-friendly and the government recommends that you replace conventional or system boilers with these Combi boilers.

How Can I tell if my boiler is efficient?

Modern boilers are rated based on their efficiency and marked with a value from A to G for their performance.

It is recommended by authorities to change the boilers after 15 years to enjoy high performing efficiency and keep the energy bills in control. Certified engineers can further evaluate the performance to offer a suggestion on any issue or problem emerging from the device.
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