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Just a few of our boiler installations

We’re busy fitting boilers to bathrooms and are even known to build a few extensions each year so it doesn’t leave us with a great deal of time to keep our website upto date, showcasing our work. However we have lots of pictures and testimonials from our valued and happy customers which we can share on request.

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Boilers play a crucial role in daily household activities across the UK. With cold weather around for more than 9 months, boilers perfectly complement the hot water and heating requirements in the premises. With regular use, these boilers also show various signs of wear and tear such as low performance, extra noise, yellow flame, extra billings, etc. And it becomes necessary to upgrade your boiler with the latest mechanism or get it checked by the local Gas Safe engineer.

Upgrading Boiler

Energi House offers professional boiler upgrade solutions to all residential areas in Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire. With cold weather, boilers become an essential part of our daily life and when the performance gets low, bills get high or any natural sign. Then you must call our Gas safe engineer for a quick check-up. Once the inspection is done, our executive will consult you with the suggestion and quote for upgrading the boiler. And only with your approval, they will start mending the boiler to its original performance and provide an effective solution in the comfort of your home.
Based on your current installation it may take around 1 to 3 days for upgrading your boiler.
  • Upgrading to the same location will be the quickest option to be completed within a single day.
  • Boiler relocation to a new position might take more time with pipelines and connectivity issues.
  • In case your homes have a regular or traditional type boiler, it might be the right time to move with a modern combi boiler with more efficiency, performance as well as annual billings.
Unless there are any other complexities the whole process for boiler upgrade will not take more than 3 days in any case. A Boiler upgrade also needs to be done under a certified Gas Safe engineer. So you should always check the certification of the engineer when they visit your premises.

Why Modern Boilers are more efficient?

Modern boilers are built with the latest technology and are more efficient in every aspect. And one of the main reasons is leveraging the mechanism of condensing boilers. This condensing boiler is packed with a heat exchanger system that restores more heat and sends the cooler gases thus have more performance than the traditional boilers.

A well-maintained boiler can run efficiently for 15 years and can save more than 50% on your energy bills. So it is necessary to get it checked by a certified engineer and make it running smoothly for years ahead.

Based on fuel, gas boilers are more popular and cheaper in the current market. But other options such as biomass, heat pump, or even renewable heating ways are also available. You can get more suggestions from a certified engineer for the right fuel type, location, and keep a performance check in case you have to get a solution for any issue.

Energi House is one of the leading companies for heating and plumbing services with 100% customer satisfaction in every service. All our team members are highly skilled and professional to offer expert solutions for any issue occurring related to heating or plumbing mechanism. We follow best industry practices in installation, upgrade, service, and maintenance to get impeccable performance.

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