Gas Fires and Multi Fuel Stoves

Here at Energi House we understand the confusion there can be when it comes to choosing a style and type of fire for your home, be it gas, electric of multi fuel we have all the bases covered. Our team has a vast knowledge of the different products that are available and are more than happy to assist in choosing the right fire for you.

Multi Fuel Stoves

When it comes to heating your property nothing has the feel or aesthetic appeal quite like a wood burning fire, the smell, the sound and the warm glow of the flames. One of the most desirable features and benefits of a wood burner is the heat output it provides. A wood burning stove provides a powerful heat source for your home, meaning that the room gets warm quickly and effectively. Multi fuel fires can come in a number of different styles and sizes, so we will be able to find one that is suitable for you and your home. They can help save on your heating bills and are seen as a nice home improvement and can be a lovely feature of your room.

Heating you home with a wood burning fire can be cheaper than gas and is classed as a renewable source of energy. Fire has been used as a form of heating for millennia so it must be good.

Gas Fires

Gas fires have come on a long way from what they used to be, you can now control them with a remote and they can have a very modern feel and aesthetic to them. Our heating team are fully qualified gas engineers and will ensure your fire is fitted safely and in accordance to regulations. Giving you full peace of mind and confidence you can use your new fire whenever you want with no risk. The main benefits of a gas fire are; you will never have to buy or chop firewood or worry about harming a tree and because there are no logs that mean no ashes or fly always that you have to clean.
Gas fires are easy to use all you have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy the heat. They are relatively easy to install and once fitted there is very little mess. The fires can be tailored to suit your home with a wide variety of different styles available to choose from.

Electric Fires

Electric fires now longer have to be unappealing and come in a huge array of different styles and designs. There are a number of benefits to an electric fire over a gas or sold fuel fire. There are no real flames, so there is no need to worry about gas or smoke getting into your home. You get the look of a real fire without having to worry. The maintenance on an electric fire is minimal, you don’t have to worry about cleaning mess up from logs or ash. One of the main benefits is they are more reasonable to buy and install compared with other types of fire. You don’t need to buy or store materials, so when you want to use it all you have to do is switch it on. Electric fires are an effective way to heat up the room in which you are sitting without drastically increasing your bills. They last a surprisingly long time because they are less susceptible to corrosion or rust, after years they have the potential to look and function like new. With a wide variety of models and designs to choose from, you are almost certain to get a fire to suit your style.

Electric fires can be used all year round no matter what the weather is outside and can be used whenever you want , just by the flick of a switch. With all the different styles it is a near guarantee you’ll find a fireplace to fit the style of your home.
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