Terms and Conditions

Energi House Limited Terms and Conditions

At the point sale you will be presented with a copy of our terms of business (Terms and Conditions) together with the Contract (“Contract”)
Please read these terms and conditions carefully ensuring that you agree to them.
If you have any questions please contact Energi House Limited Customer Services team at 16A St.David’s Road South, Lytham St.Annes. FY8 1TB company number 10933657 VAT Number 275985931 Telephone 01253 421 311.
This agreement is also available in large print.
Your right to cancel
• You have the right to cancel this contract during the ‘cancellation period’ without giving any reason. The cancellation period lasts 14 days starting the day after the date that the contract is entered into, without penalty.
• There are a few exceptions to this, where the right to cancel is excluded. This is when a contact is concluded at a distance under an organised distance sale or service-provision without the simultaneous physical presence of Energi House Limited and you, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication up to and including the time at which the contract is concluded.
• To cancel this contract you must inform us of your decision by letter sent by post or email. You can use the below email link, but this is not obligatory. Any advanced payments you have made will be returned to you. If you want to cancel this contract after the cancellation period for any reason or you ask us to install within this period, which you may do so in writing, then you may have to pay costs and we may retain all or part of your deposit and further advanced payments, if made, as a contribution.
• If there is a severe or unreasonable delay beyond the “Cancellation Period”, not caused by you, or by events beyond our control, then you will have a right to cancel this contract and receive a full refund.
• If we are in serious breach of our obligations, as detailed in this contract, then you have a right to cancel and receive a full refund.
1. If you do not own the property, you will need to obtain the property owner’s permission before you can authorise us to start work on the property.
2. We will carry out all work during our normal working hours (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday), unless we agree otherwise.
3. We will agree with you what work we will carry out. We will then carry it out as soon as possible, depending on when an engineer is available.
4. One of our engineers will usually carry out the work. In some cases we may authorise a suitably qualified contractor to carry out the work.
5. Materials used for the work are guaranteed for one year from the date of fitting them. Within this period, if the materials are defective then we will repair or replace the defective materials free of charge. If our work is defective, then we will re-perform our work free of charge. The Boiler, Filter and Thermostat warranties in some circumstances can extend for as long as 12 Years, these warranties are held by the manufacturer. Energi House will endeavour to assist in any fault throughout the warranty period if one was to arise. A warranty is considered valid subject to the full Energi House & manufacturers terms and conditions, including the completion of an annual service within 30 days of the anniversary of the installation. The annual service must be carried out by an approved Gas Safe registered installer (this is not limited to an Energi House engineer) for the full duration of the warranty or the warranty will become invalid. It is the customer responsibility to make these arrangements with the necessary installation company or Energi House. Proof of the annual service will be required before a claim can be made; this should be in form of a copy of each year’s invoice and updated service log book.
These guarantees do not affect your statutory rights in relation to the quality and description of the materials and services. You can contact your local authority’s trading standards or Citizens Advice Bureau if you need more information about your statutory rights.
6. The charge we have quoted includes parts and labour and parts for fixing the first fault we identify, and faults directly related to that fault. We may charge you separately for repairs to faults that are unrelated to the installation but become apparent during the installation. We will discuss and agree any additional charges with you.
7. The price we quote does not include the following:
• Repairs identified or needed due to design faults in your current system at the time of the agreed work being carried out;
• Any improvements which are needed to your heating or plumbing system or electrical installation, including the cost of Power Flush or any work needed to bring your system or installation up to current standards;
• Replacement of faults found elsewhere on your property that have become apparent during or following the installation process;
• Getting to your system (materials and labour) – for example, pipes or wiring buried in walls or ‘built-in’ appliances; or
• Removing any dangerous waste material, including asbestos. We will discuss and agree any extra costs with you beforehand.
8. Following our work, you may need to redecorate. You are responsible for this and, unless negligent, we will not pay for it. If access has to be made we will fill in any holes and leave the surface level, but will not necessarily replace the original surface.
9. We may need to change the specification contained in this contract if, in the opinion of our technical team, such changes are required to facilitate performance. We will agree and confirm this with you in writing.
10. Power flushing and high pressure system conversion can identify faults and weaknesses in your current heating and water systems. Whilst we will endeavor to minimize and resolve any issues we cannot be held responsible for any faults contained within your system or subsequent damage that is caused because of faults or issues within it.
11. If the safety earthing arrangements in your property do not meet the standards set out in the current Institute of Electrical Engineers regulations, we will tell you what work is needed to correct any problem. The engineer on site will decide whether work can go ahead. Any work recommended to achieve current standards is an extra cost. We will agree with you how much this will cost beforehand.
12. We will not carry out the repair if:
• Parts are unavailable; or
• Your system is not included on our servicing list.
13. Data Protection
13.1 We will use your personal data so that we can process your order and fulfil our obligations to you under this agreement, and consequently we may pass your details to our agents and subcontractors in our role as Data Controller.
13.2 In order to protect your interest, we require all customers to verify their identity when dealing with us so we may ask you to provide the contract number or other unique information before we discuss your order with us.
13.3 We may use your personal details to contact you about other products we offer. You can choose to opt out of this form of marketing at the point of sale
13.4 We may pass information about you for the following reasons only:
If you do not pay your debt, we may transfer your debt to another organisation and give them details about you and that debt;
If we have been asked (for example by Ofgem or a lawyer) to provide information for legal or regulatory purposes;
As part of current or future legal action;
As part of government data-sharing initiatives, for example, those designed to help stop fuel poverty (where people cannot afford to pay for heating and electricity); To help manage any loyalty or rewards schemes; or
If you hold an insurance policy with us, to pass information to an insurer to manage your insurance policy (including underwriting and claims, to help develop new services and to assess financial and insurance risk).
From time to time other people or organisations may be outside the European. Economic Area (EEA) and as a result we may pass your information to countries that do not have the same standards or protection for personal information as the UK. We may pass your address, property and postcode, and details of your gas appliances, flue, hot-water cylinder, system controls and electrical installations (including details of any repairs or removals) to organisations that supervise these activities including GasSafe and the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association). These organisations may pass this information to local authorities to meet building regulations. They may also use this information to contact you to inspect appliances or systems, recall faulty products and carry out audits, and for health and safety purposes.
14. General
14.1 If you breach this agreement and Energi House does not take action in connection with that breach at the time, this does not prevent Energi House from taking action against you in the future.
14.2 This Agreement shall be construed according to English Law and each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
14.3 If any amendments to this Contract are required these must be confirmed in writing by the customer signed by a Company Director.
14.4 We may also monitor and record any communications we have with you, including phone conversations and emails, to make sure we are providing a good service and meeting our regulatory and legal responsibilities.
Energi House Limited Terms and Conditions
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You can otherwise cancel in writing: Customer Service Team,
Energi House Limited, 16A St.Davids Road South, Lytham St.Annes. FY8 1TB or email:
Please state the Date on the agreement as well as your full name and address as it appears on the contract.
You are advised to take a copy of the cancellation notice before returning it to us. Your cancellation is deemed to have been served as soon as it is delivered in person, posted or, if you have sent an email, from the day the email is sent to Energi House Limited.
Related Credit Agreements
If you decide to cancel your contract for our goods and services then any credit agreement related to that contract will be automatically cancelled.
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