Financial Benefit

Government Incentives supporting Solar PV

The government supports solar panel installation through the Feed-in Tariff (FIT), which pays owners of solar panels for every unit of electricity they generate and in addition pays for the exported electricity you don’t use (assumed at 50% and monitored via the export meter).

Feed in Tariff

20 years. Tax Free income payable every 3 months

Household Savings

Use 100% on the energy generated from the solar system


You will be paid for any energy you don't use. Based on 50% for domestic households

10 facts about Solar Incentives

Your earning broken down

Detail your services

In the price list enclosed we provide a figure for your anticipated return on your investment (ROI). This figure is derived by calculating the anticipated cash savings and revenues you will
attract by operating your own Solar PV system, and then calculating this as a percentage of the cost of your system.


The Feed In Tariff Explained

In April 2010 the government introduced the Feed In Tariff or ‘energy cashback scheme’ to incentivise people to generate their own electricity. In simple terms, this means that should we install a retrofit Solar PV system at your property (up to 4kWp) you will receive 5.04 pence per kilowatt produced from your solar panels.
This payment is TAX FREE and is guaranteed for 20 years.
In addition to the Feed In Tariff paymentfor generating your own electricity, you will also receive an export payment at a rate of 3 pence per kilowatt hour. This is based on the assumption that 50% of what you generate will be exported to the grid and is calculated by your generation meter reading.


How do I receive the payments?

When we install the Solar PV system we fit a generation meter which measures the kilowatt hours produced during daylight hours, so it is easy to see how much money you are making. In order to claim the payments all you have to do is give a quarterly meter reading to your electricity supplier and they will make the payment directly into your bank account or an alternative bank account nominated by you. This could be a relative such as a child or grandchild. You will also receive a quarterly statement. An example statement can be seen below.

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